Brandon Cobb’s springtime soft plastics tacklebox

Brandon Cobb has been on an early tear during the 2023 Bassmaster Elite Series season. He currently sits in first place in Progressive Bassmaster Angler of the Year points. The South Carolina pro has taken advantage of the early springtime schedule by fishing to his strengths.
Cobb keeps a variety of Zoom soft plastics in the boat that he accredits for his fantastic start
Zoom Fluke Stick
“I pretty much always break the tail off and use it as a wacky rigged stick bait,” Cobb said.
“It’s good for throwing at places that are likely beds, skipping it under trees, docks and anywhere you might think fish will hit it on the fall,” he added.
Zoom Trick Worm
“I rig a Trick Worm a lot of different ways, but typically I rig it on a 1/8 ounce shakey head to bed fish,” Cobb said.
“Almost all of the time I use it in the Green Pumpkin Green color”
White pearl Zoom Z-Craw Jr.
“I always keep a bag of Zoom Z-Craw Jr.’s in the boat in white pearl,” he explained.
“I use them as trailers for a chatterbait, a swim jig and to Texas rig.”
Zoom Unitoad
“The Unitoad in the spring is an excellent search bait and I vary my colors from white, black, or green pumpkin. It’s great anytime when you’re going down banks with grass to get fish to come up and look at it,” Cobb said.
“There’s a couple of different ways to rig it, you can throw it with a small weight on a Texas rig or you can throw it on a belly weight hook. I typically throw it Texas rigged with 20lb fluorocarbon and keep the bait on the top of the water.”
Zoom Z-Craw
“The Z-Craw kinda replaces my Fluke Stick in stained water or heavy cover. I basically use it to throw in the same spots I would the Fluke Stick but only use it when the water is dirtier or the cover is heavier.”
Brandon Cobb’s Springtime Zoom spread