Midday report

As we approach the midway point of Day 1, a few anglers are separating themselves from the pack. Alex Redwine took the lead a little over an hour ago with more than 20 pounds. He has since culled up once, and now has 21 pounds, 6 ounces with his smallest fish estimated just an ounce under 4 pounds and the Phoenix Boats Big Bass lead with a 4-13. It appears Redwine is on an entirely different class of fish.

Kyoya Fujita has had a fantastic start to this event as well, taking the lead early and holding it for a while. It’s been nearly an hour though since he last culled. Rookie Bryant Smith just jumped into 3rd, with 19-4. And the 2021 Champ Bryan Schmitt sits in 4th with 18-14.

There’s a significant drop off after that, a couple anglers with 17 and a handful more with 16.