AOY/ROY update

Brandon Cobb entered today with a one-point lead over Kyle Welcher in the Progressive Angler of the Year race. A solid morning for Cobb (with 15-14) and a slow start for Welcher (who has four for 10-10) has seen Cobb’s lead grow to nearly 30 points.

Tyler Rivet, who started the day in third in AOY, has only two fish in the boat and has been overtaken by Jay Przekurat and Bryan Schmitt, both posting Top 10 performances today.

Having won two blue trophies in his first season on the Elite Series, it would seem like there’s zero chance anyone could contend with Joey Cifuentes III for the Rookie of the Year race. Somehow though, fellow rookie Kyoya Fujita started today only 25 points back. Fujita has had a fantastic morning, with 21 pounds, 3 ounces and is sitting in 2nd. Cifuentes sits in 25th on BassTrakk, putting them in a virtual tie.