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The “town mouse” of strollers…

The Brand

Quinny is the “town mouse” of strollers, appealing to parents who never left the city after their kids were born. In fact, they prefer to raise their kids in the heart of it. Their products are designed with that urban lifestyle in mind with “clever mobility solutions for parents on the go”. Their designs are sophisticated and stylish, so whether you’re pushing a stroller in pumps, athletic shoes, or while drinking your morning coffee, Quinny’s lightweight stroller will easily fold so you’ll have no problem carrying it back up the stairs to your apartment at the end of the day.

The Approach

We launched a year-long brand ambassadorship program to promote five different strollers – all with releases set to launch throughout the year. Eight different influencers from the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Spain, and France were tasked with posting once a month on their Instagram feeds and in their Stories (in addition to Instagram videos and blog posts) to share how their strollers improved their bustling lifestyles.

Our Strategy

In order to show off Quinny in all its edgy and fashionable glory, we hired millennial parents who either had young children or who were expecting. They were tasked with generating bright, colorful content for the brand. Each of the ambassadors lived in a densely populated city and lived an active lifestyle. Our pool of influencers was ethnically diverse, but also had an above-average income level to match the pricepoint of a Quinny stroller.

Post Types


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The Big, Beautiful Highlights

This campaign was special because we didn’t hire influencers in the traditional sense of posting their content once or twice on their feeds. Instead, influencers became year-long ambassadors for Quinny, sharing how their strollers carried them throughout a year of their baby’s life 👩‍🍼 as a family with a busy lifestyle.

We saw some great interactions on Stories among our 8 influencers, with 4,286 sticker taps and 4,038 profile visits. Clearly, audiences were excited to learn more about Quinny products!

This campaign was a good example of us pivoting with our clients. As we were working together during the height of the pandemic, we quickly strategized to shift the content that influencers were sharing during that time. We compiled a list of 10 new concepts that our influencers could easily plug into as they applied – everything from activities with the kids around the house, to pushing the stroller around the house, to going for ice cream🍦 (and by that we mean going to the fridge for ice cream because there was a pandemic, lock-down and quarantine to contend with. No problem – it made for a little light-hearted humor during the campaign).

Quinny had tricky targeting, because they really wanted moms with an edge. We worked with them to find perfect influencers who would fit the dream persona they had in mind, along with content that would lend itself to showing a stroller in-feed on the regular, given the year-long length of this campaign. 😎

We achieved over 4.5 million in social reach and 114,420 engagements in this campaign among our 118 posts from influencers. Each of our 8 influencers played an important role in contributing to these numbers, as each did many posts as part of their ambassador style role in the campaign.

We achieved 748,707 organic impressions, a 2.53% engagement rate on in-feed Instagram posts, and over 14,000 video views. This was nice to see on Instagram because with so many posts per influencer, that meant their audiences continued to stay engaged despite how many times they posted. 🎉

Influencer Highlights

Kara Rose Marshall of @kararosemarshall

Kara reminds us a bit of Kate Moss with her modeling career and tattoo artist husband, but she’s also an artist herself and a mother to little Duke. Her rock-and-roll lifestyle isn’t slowed down with her new addition to the family, and she attributes that to her Quinny. She captions her content with how easy it is to take Duke along to meet up with friends and show him the world with a functional and practical stroller.
(UK Influencer)

Ester Bellon of @esterbellon

Ester was the top performer of this campaign, producing content fit for Harper’s Bazaar with a style that makes us all want to change out of our yoga pants. She’s always rocking Jimmy Choos or a Chanel bag as she pushes her Quinny, claiming the stroller only adds to her killer style: “I’m back to the city and my @quinnyworld continues to be a timeless and iconic stroller that matches my outfits. It’s not only trendy, but perfect for a mom on the go, just like me. #quinnyworld #quinnyVNC #thisisparenting #ownthecity”
(Spanish Influencer)

Sanae Chakrouni of @fashion_by_sen

We don’t know who has a better style: Sanae or her husband! This fashionable couple often posts together in her content with the DUO Quinny. After all, parenting isn’t a one-person job. They have two small children, so they highlight all the great features of seating design (and an adorable peach sun cover!) on their double stroller.
(German Influencer)

Sandra Herröder of @sandra_latko

Former Playmate and model, Sandra is a mom-on-the-go, to say the least. She travels constantly and is always sharing her trips on her feed. She highlights how her stroller keeps her little one with her as she is constantly on the move, and even posted with other Quinny bloggers at an event the brand put together for them.
(German Influencer)

Lisanne de Bruijn of @lisannede_bruijn

An influencer with her own agency, this mom-preneur knows how to run the world. She shared how easy it was to fly for the first time with her baby and the Quinny LDN stroller – a super important feature for traveling parents – as well as the ease of pushing her child along on the bumpy brick streets of Amsterdam.
(Dutch Influencer)

Fantastic Campaigns

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