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Are the higher-ups still on the fence about influencer marketing?

We’ll tell you exactly what to say to get buy-in and budget for your holiday influencer campaign.

Years of conversations with our sales team and account managers have brought to light something really important. When it comes to getting higher-ups to approve an influencer marketing campaign, many marketing teams feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle. They don’t always know how to persuade their teams well enough to get approval for an influencer campaign.

We created this guide to help you formulate a downright transcendent rebuttal, the likes of which will secure your place alongside the great orators of the ages, from Aurelius to Vaynerchuk.   😄

Some of the big objections we answered in this book include:

  • Why do you think influencer marketing will work?
  • Why launch an influencer campaign over social media ads?
  • How can we hit our growth goals with influencers?
  • How do we track meaningful ROI?

It’s hard to explain the value of influencer marketing if your CMO only wants to talk conversions. And it’s hard to discuss the nuances of a hyper-targeted strategy when the Marketing Manager seems stuck on pairing up with the Rihannas and Cristian Ronaldos of the world. Use this book to arm yourself with thoughtful, data-backed answers to your team’s questions and get approval for an EPIC influencer marketing campaign.